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Chrome Car Fashion Kits

There’s something timeless about well cared for chrome trim on a car. From the iconic grilles and molding on hot rods and classic cars to the subtle chrome strips for cars by high end makes, chrome really says ‘class’. Now you can bring a touch of that deep shine to your 4×4, with one of the great chrome car fashion kits by Xposed. Both black chrome and classic silver are available. Prices start at under $100 for single accessories such as mirror covers. What’s more, the kits are easy to install yourself – any experienced car enthusiast will be able to apply them. Each item we choose to stock has been personally inspected, tested and benchmarked for quality. You’re guaranteed parts, accessories and kits that are built and finished to perfection.

We’ve organised our online store by make and model, so it’s easy to find great looking parts that will be compatible with your vehicle. Click on ‘Online Shop’ to get started, then click your vehicle category on the left. With dozens of different chrome strips for cars (and other parts) in stock, you’re almost guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. If you’re searching for a bargain, you can even sort the results by price. Remember, we can ship all our accessories to any destination in Australia, so you can shop from wherever you are.

For more information on anything in our range, you can get in touch with the Xposed 4×4 team at sales@xposed4x4.com.au or on 0410591772.